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Wisdom Leadership

From Overwhelm to Insight:
A Leadership Transformation Workshop

Saturday, January 27   |   10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Center for Social Change, 2103 Coral Way, 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33145

Your Guides

Gaby Guzman

Shadow Integration & Intuitive Business Coach

Strategist, community builder, storyteller, healer, and Founder of Miami's renowned Las Comadres, Gaby has helped hundreds of women start and grow their businesses, and pursue careers and full lives with authenticity, wholeness, fulfillment, freedom and purpose.

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Maya Arden

Social Impact Strategist & Cultural Anthropologist

Self-insight teacher, bias awareness and allyship trainer, and leader of EsoTerra, Maya applies cultural liberation strategies to inner liberation work, guiding leaders and teams to resolve inner-conflict and create effective anti-oppression strategies for their organizations.


Navigate your leadership journey with unapologetic
authenticity and a deep sense of purpose.

Join Maya + Gaby in this full-day experience as they guide you into clarity, energetic alignment, and your next pivotal leadership moves.


You will leave with strategies you can use immediately. You will have no doubt that you have heard your inner-wisdom speak. And you will have the resiliency and community beside you to follow it.

Instead of your work feeling like a source of stress, overwhelm, and frustration, it will begin to feel like fertile ground for your most profound insights, ongoing growth, and holistic well-being.


This is living from


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  • Cacao

  • Somatic Work

  • Aligned Community

  • Visioning

  • Strategy

  • Implementation Plan

  • Expert Guidance




You are done feeling disconnected, misaligned, overwhelmed, and frustrated.


You are ready to embrace change and make space for new perspectives.


You are prepared to prioritize the inner work needed to overcome your blocks.


You desire being a part of a nonjudgmental, supportive community of leaders and can show up wholeheartedly.


You feel called and trust the journey’s unfolding.


Identify, understand, and challenge constrictive conventions that live in you.

Reconnect with your innate wisdom and redefine your leadership.

Create a strategy for leading from this energized, authentic, and purpose-driven place.

Leave with a sense of freedom, resiliency, clarity, and reconnection to yourself and your purpose.

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