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Maya & Sage

  Strategists  |  Anti-Oppression Leaders  |  Redefining "the Rules"  

Living Life On Purpose

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EsoTerra was born from the demand for Maya & Sage's unique approach to non-performative professional development, self-realization, and integrative strategies. Their yin & yang dynamic creates structure, flow, and total permission to be as you are. 


Cultural Anthropologist, Social Impact Strategist, and Self-Insight Trainer, Maya holds a Master’s degree from the University of York in the UK, specializing in the cultural implications of conflict and violence and the thinking and feeling behind the behaviors. 


Leveraging proven peace negotiation methods from global conflict resolution, she guides social impact leaders to resolve inner-conflict and formulate effective anti-oppression strategies. Merging her expertise as a mindfulness teacher with cultural liberation strategies, Maya focuses on inner-liberation work

Maya is known for catalyzing deep conversations and challenging social norms, recognized as “the dark doula” for her unflinching approach and the “alignment sniffer dog” for leading individuals to their deepest truths.


Trained academically, spiritually, and experientially, Maya fearlessly navigates taboo topics, holding brave space for unconventional conversation, self-exploration, and liberatory solutions.



Business Strategist and Leadership Development Specialist, Sage is known for her instinctive ability to help people pull dreams into form. She hears where fear and misalignment exist in strategies as blocks to progress. By asking brave questions, Sage's insights lead to soulful solutions, and highly effective teams and systems.


Sage has been a force in the business world for over 20 years. Sage is the Senior VP of Operations and co-owner of successful South Florida restaurants and the Managing Director of a private lending firm.


Sage is obsessed with the how and with building efficient and impactful pathways to the what.  Sage brings laser-sharp clarity, no-BS insights, and rattlingly direct eye contact that challenge people to rise to their greatest potential (Maya swoons). 

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