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Our Approach

Intimate   |   Unexpected   |  Transformational

When you remember who you are, you know exactly what to do.

We all have an innate desire to live a fully expressed life. Getting there takes radical self- honesty. We will coach you through the deep work while helping you keep things in perspective. You will gain the embodied awareness that your life has a deep purpose. Then, we will support you with strategies that fit your leadership so you can live it authentically.

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We come into this world with this knowing

& then we learn to forget.

We are dedicated to the process of Remembering. Not only do we help you realize the purpose that was born into you, we help you re-member the dis-membered parts of yourself. The ones you were taught to disown because they were not seen as valuable.


When you reclaim all the parts of you,

the wholeness you long to feel becomes yours.  

We have all inherited belief systems that are not our own.

Many of these beliefs hold us back from living in our truth.

And we get to choose again.

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Maya & Sage create experiences that are designed to help you hear your truth. Every experience is different because everyone's path is different. 

We Offer personal, couples, and group coaching as well as leadership and team professional development experiences.

We Decide  intuitively with you what will be the most impactful experience for you, then we adapt to your evolving needs as they arise. 

We Combine  inner-visioning and self-realization work (involution) with intuitive strategy sessions (evolution) to pull these visions into form.

We Invite You  to surrender to the adventure of the unknown, knowing one thing is certain -  your transformation is inevitable.

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